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At Kano Energy Corp (KEC) - we produce renewable natural gas (RNG) for the largest petroleum corporations in the United States.

Core Expertise: KEC specializes in ...

  • Procuring, capturing natural gas at source and optimizing it into RNG ready to use
  • Designing and building the state-of-the-are anaerobic digestors with safety protocols
  • Managing Green House Gas (GHS) exposure and emission, while gaining carbon offsets
  • Enhancing profitability through credit incentives, rebates and trading in energy products
  • Generating JP 40-thermophilic type value adding by-products which to provide wealth from waste.
  • Providing 360 degree solutions from sourcing to last mile RNG delivery with conventional energy interface
  • Implementing renewable environmental commodities portfolios that contribute value within the carbon market value chain
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances with market leaders especially for large project turnkeys, research and development, etc.
  • Handing over of fast track projects within strict time frames and operating in high barrier to entry markets with strict emission control systems

Our Mission

To rapidly develop and operate renewable natural gas facilities to distribute to government agencies and utilities, besides various corporate giants in the United States.

Our Vision

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through supply of clean renewable natural gas and move towards a sustainable future.

Way of Life at KEC:

At KEC, we are passionate to make a mark of excellence and contribute to a world that does not depend on fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy. Besides our current set up, we have also defined milestones and timelines for ourselves and for our rapidly growing plant sites. This ensures we are well-armed for the future in the biogas market with the support of our own plants to give our partners maximum benefit. We have also maintained our position in the domain with innovation, cutting-edge technologies, latest infrastructure and much more. This has been possible due to our sustainable company concept, competent top management, dedicated workforce, and our esteemed partners and clients.

We are a team that is committed to making an outsized contribution to tackling climate change by working with the best biogas systems and maximising biogas production from agricultural and organic waste. We always strive to improve on excellence through continuous innovation and the latest on the technologies front.

Our aim is to propagate and accelerate the adoption of biogas generation across the world to conserve our environment and provide an alternate source of energy which is eco-friendly and sustainable. We believe that renewable natural gas is the mainstream at the present time and is a viable technology of ‘today’ enabling the move towards a zero-emission concept. In fact, RNG comes close and can even be carbon negative when produced from food waste.

Our decarbonization strategies backed by our cross market fluency ensures our clients in this high stakes industry get the highest economic value and effectively meet the challenges of energy transition. KEC's energy infrastructure project development expertise through some of the region's largest anaerobic digesters is proven. We want you to benefit from it.

We therefore seek to provide our partners with the cleanest possible renewable natural gas and are focused towards progressive Research and Development with Technology Upgrade to drive efficiency, quality and profitability of our products.

Regulations and Compliances

  • Across the United States, the government promotes RNG as an efficient, domestic grown and emission free alternative
  • Energy Policy Act of 2005, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, State Policies, etc. ensures only low carbon fuel
  • US Environmental Protection Agency 2017 - organic wastes releases biogas into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change
  • Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program - transportation fuel in the United States must contain a minimum amount of renewable fuels
  • California and Oregon Federal Incentives, Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) and Policies encourage RNG up to 2030
  • Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy use in Transportation (GREET) Argonne National Lab Model - RNG use can also be net-carbon-negative

KEC focuses on RNG as a vehicle fuel because of its high demand being the most widely used for transportation and limited supply, which is increasing very rapidly. The transportation sector consumes over 25% of all end-use energy and over 97% of this comes from petroleum. Thus, the huge scope and market for RNG as an alternative source is evident. And this does not include other sectors. For most cities, towns, utilities, municipalities and major institutions, renewable natural gas is the preferred option due to its cost savings and beneficial environmental impact. The private sector, particularly heavy industry and those enterprises dealing in waste/energy management, disposal services, freight or moving and forwarding using heavy duty vehicles are all including RNG to profit from a reduction of the green house gas (GHG) emissions. In 2019, UPS - The international supply chain and logistics provider signed off a deal to purchase the equivalent of 170 million gallons of renewable natural gas over the next seven years. This agreement which was the world's largest for an alternative fuel proved to be only the beginning with many other such deals in the pipeline.

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Kano Energy Corp. 500 East Kennedy Blvd. Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33602

About Us

When wet organic matter decomposes under typical management practices - for instance, when food waste is disposed of in a landfill, it produces biogas, a mix of carbon dioxide, methane, and other trace elements that can escape to the atmosphere and contribute to climate change (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2017).

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