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Advantage KEC - Highlights of the Process:

  • KEC is on the verge of closing tie-ups with the Top 10 US Petroleum Refiners
  • RNG is produced from non fossil sources to legally comply to being renewable fuel
  • KEC has sites near livestock, food processor or sources that generate organic waste
  • Biogas is captured to ensure waste is not wasted, but converted to a sustainable resource
  • Anaerobic Digestion with proven technologies is used to generate RNG of high pipeline quality
  • An additional revenue stream is extracting and utilizing by products like non organic waste substrates
  • Digestate or nutrient-rich organic fertilizer is another valuable co-product generated and is immensely useful
  • KEC's model provides for verifiable sustainable metrics - footprint, environmental impact, pathogen destruction, etc.
  • Revenue from RNG comes from the value of the commodity and of environmental credits (RINs and LCFS) which are easily traded
  • KEC has several other advantages, including a huge availability of county biogas potential and inter/intra state natural gas pipeline infrastructure
  • KEC's obsession to increase production of RNG is to replace the United States' carbon intensive energy sources and reduce US global warming emissions.

Kano Energy Corp (KEC) consists of a team of professionals backed with years of hands-on experience in the renewable natural gas industry. Our dedicated workforce combined with strong leadership at the helm, makes our expertise and understanding of renewable natural gas – one of the best in world class.

A biogas system is more than just a giant anaerobic digester where micro-organisms act upon organic waste to produce methane gas. It includes developing the entire complex energy infrastructure project to include compliances, designs, finances, construction, management, operation and maintenance of the entire plant site. At KEC, we are equipped with the required technology, investments, infrastructure, research and development to rapidly continue the development of these large urban anaerobic digesters at our plant sites across Iowa. This enables us maximise the production of renewable natural gas, while also managing enormous volumes of organic waste to support regional sustainability goals.

At KEC, we are a rapidly growing firm with industry leading technologies and project development capabilities to generate renewable energy from organic waste streams. We deploy our proven project expertise for production and trading of sustainable and renewable natural gas. We also ensure that the RNG generated is legally compliant and as per the standards set by regulatory authorities in the United States. At our plant sites, we also ensure that we adhere to the highest safety practices.

Our petroleum corporations have the ability to reach communities across the country – not just for farmers, but also for local businesses, governments and municipalities. We work on creating value and building lasting relationships with our partners through trading of natural gas itself along with environmental credits such as Renewable Identification Number (RINs) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) - which were established under the relevant Acts in the state of California.

Our strategies include:

  • Visionary leaders at the top management
  • A technically sound and competent workforce
  • Investments in latest technology and infrastructure
  • Sturdy and sound revenue models to finance our plant sites
  • Training systems in place to stay up to date on the newest trends in RNG
  • Maximising economies of scale to ensure cost effective production of RNG

KEC is a top-tier environmental partner for getting you - Renewable Natural Gas, Emission Credits, Carbon Credits, Renewable Energy Credits, Low Carbon Fuel Credits, etc. But our most valuable contribution is branding our clients to be seen as socially responsible corporate citizens committed to a sustainable future for the world.

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When wet organic matter decomposes under typical management practices - for instance, when food waste is disposed of in a landfill, it produces biogas, a mix of carbon dioxide, methane, and other trace elements that can escape to the atmosphere and contribute to climate change (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2017).

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